Fujairah free zone license

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Fujairah free zone license
Fujairah free zone license

Fujairah free zone authority was lunch two decades ago. The vision of this free zone is to offer you full support as well as facilitate your business. It is very near to Fujairah sea port which is one of the many benefits which you can get; that is when you decide to take the Fujairah free zone license for your company. The Fujairah Free Zone companies find it very easy to access Arabian Gulf ports; the Red Sea, Iran, India as well as Pakistan with the resources of weekly feeder vessels. Furthermore to this, Fujairah Free Trade Zone is in near closeness to Fujairah International Airport. So, to summarize so far, it is a free zone which has good access to sea ports as well as airport; which making it an ideal option among UAE free zones.

It is not a new idea in the UAE for overseas investors to come here take Fujairah free zone license; in anticipations that they will soon have the finest business in UAE. With just the above stated details; you will be keen to take a Fujairah free zone trade license as it accordingly meets your needs. In addition, the nature of ownership in Fujairah free trade zone is as follows. Free Zone Establishment (FZE) which is an entity with a sole owner. Free Zone Company (FZC) that is an entity which have two to five partners. And a branch of UAE Company as well as branch of an overseas Company.

Fujairah free zone license activities

You can get a Fujairah free zone license and form a company with multiple activities. It include a numbers of specific activities which cannot be found in other free zones:

  • E commerce Fujairah free zone license
  • Alcohol trading
  • Tobacco trading
  • Maritime Fujairah free zone trade license
  • Real estate consultancy
  • Financial consultancy
  • Logistics Trading Fujairah free zone trade license
  • consultancy in oil as well as petroleum products sector

There are certain license types which cannot be issued in Fujairah free zone. For example: ship agency, marine consultancy, ship building as well as repair and ship chandler.

Fujairah free zone license cost

Fujairah free zone license cost start with 21,500 AED for a zero visa license with an essential office. There is a refundable deposit of 5,000 too. Certain activities of business have greater costs due to their nature. Such as, alcohol trading license costs is 50,000 AED. On the top of this you need a deposit of 50,000.

Fujairah free zone visa cost

The fee of a visa in this type of a free zone is 3,460. Entry visa is generally issue within 3-4 days. After which medical check as well as Emirates ID application need to be completed. Stamping of visa services in Dubai can be done within 2 working days. Health insurance is not compulsory for visas processing.

Types of Licenses Offered in Fujairah Free Zone

Before you take a decision on Fujairah free zone business setup; you have to be clear about the Fujairah free zone license which will be carried out by your firm. Depending on the different activities of business, different trade licenses are obtainable. Let us have a look at the different type of a licenses:

  • Normal Trading License
  • Industrial License
  • General Trading License
  • Professional License
  • National Industrial License
  • Warehousing License
  • Consultancy/Service License

Fujairah free zone license fee comes at a very nominal cost of AED 5,000. It also offers special licenses if an overseas investor wants to engage in industries; like petrochemical, education as well as oil and investments etc.

Benefits of company formation in Fujairah Free Zone

Being a trade free zone, Fujairah attracts overseas investments from each and every corner of the world. This type of a free trade zone offers a lots of profits such as:

100% Tax Exemption

Tax is a great headache that all business goes through. It becomes a hurdle in business establishment or expansion. In Fujairah, you do not need to pay tax. This act as a blessing for overseas investors as well as relieves them from the heavy burden of tax payment.

Lowest Setup Cost

A company set up needs a huge capital in any part of the world. But in this free trade zone you can start your company with very low capital. Fujairah  free zone offers the flexibility of setting up a business; that is at a very low cost even starting from 5,000.

Physical Presence

Technology plays an important role at this stage as it gave birth to the concept of virtual office. In this type of a free trade zone you do not need a physical office to set up a company. For overseas investors NOC is not compulsory.

100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits

It is another plus point that you can repatriate all of your investments as well as profits.

Fast Process

Thanks to the most easy setup process; you can get your license with in 7 days in Fujairah Free Zone.

Multiple Residency Visas

In Fujairah Free Zone, there is no condition of leasing a physical office up to 6 UAE residency visas.

Fujairah trade license
Fujairah trade license

Fujairah free zone trade license renewal

The renewal of Fujairah free zone company registration is very much easy and straight forward. It can be done within a day. The fees will be less than that the costs of the initial setup. All the renewals in this type of a free zone take place in January. So if you incorporate your company in August; you will pay the license fees until and unless the end of the calendar year. And then renew your license for the next year in January.

The cost of a zero visa company renewal is 16,200. Audit is not mandatory in the first year, but the free zone will ask for it after the second year. If you had no business all that time; you can exchange the audit submission with the free zone in order to waive it.

Company Types for Fujairah Free Zone trade license

Fujairah Free Zone Authority permits three types of business company types within its premises:

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

This type of a free zone trade license is form with one share holder. Share holder can be either an individual or a company. The minimum capital requirements depends on the type of activity.

Free Zone Company (FZCO)

This type of a free zone trade license is form with a minimum of two and maximum of five shareholders; either individuals or companies or even a combination of both. The minimum requirement of capital depends on the activity.

Branch Office of a Local Company

This type of a free zone trade license allows an existing local company to operate; that is to start a representative office or branch within Fujairah Free Zone.

Branch Office of a Foreign Company

This type of a free zone trade license allows an overseas company; that is to start a branch office in Fujairah Free Zone.